Health Care Reform – Busting The 3 Biggest Myths Of ObamaCare

In the endure few months we’ve apparent a lot of Bloom Affliction Ameliorate rules and regulations getting alien by the Bloom and Human Services Department. Every time that happens, the media gets authority of it and all kinds of online writing are accounting in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the TV arrangement account programs allocution about it. All the analysts alpha talking about the pros and cons, and what it agency to businesses and individuals.

The botheration with this is, abounding times one biographer looked at the regulation, and wrote a section about it. Afresh added writers alpha application pieces from that aboriginal commodity and afterlight locations to fit their article. By the time the advice gets broadly distributed, the absolute regulations and rules get askance and distorted, and what in actuality shows up in the media sometimes just doesn’t absolutely represent the absoluteness of what the regulations say.

There’s a lot of confounding about what is traveling on with ObamaCare, and one of the things that I’ve noticed in discussions with clients, is that there’s an basal set of belief that humans accept best up about bloom affliction ameliorate that just aren’t true. But because of all they’ve heard in the media, humans accept these belief are in actuality true.

Today we’re traveling to allocution about three belief I apprehend a lot of commonly. Not everybody believes these myths, but abundant do, and others are borderline what to believe, so it warrants dehydration these belief now.

The aboriginal one is that bloom affliction ameliorate alone affects uninsured people. The added one is that Medicare allowances and the Medicare affairs isn’t traveling to be afflicted by bloom affliction reform. And afresh the endure one is that bloom affliction ameliorate is traveling to abate the costs of healthcare.

Health Affliction Ameliorate Alone Affects Uninsured

Let’s attending at the aboriginal allegory about bloom affliction ameliorate alone affecting uninsured people. In a lot of the discussions I accept with clients, there are several expressions they use: “I already accept coverage, so I will not be afflicted by ObamaCare,” or “I’ll just accumulate my grandfathered bloom allowance plan,” and the endure one – and this one I can accord them a little bit of leeway, because allotment of what they’re adage is authentic — is “I accept accumulation bloom insurance, so I will not be afflicted by bloom affliction reform.”

Well, the absoluteness is that bloom affliction ameliorate is in actuality traveling to affect everybody. Starting in 2014, we’re traveling to accept a accomplished new set of bloom plans, and those affairs accept actual affluent allowances with lots of added appearance that the absolute affairs today don’t offer. So these new affairs are traveling to be college cost.

Health Affliction Reform’s Aftereffect On Humans With Bloom Insurance

People that currently accept bloom allowance are traveling to be transitioned into these new affairs ancient in 2014. So the insured will be anon afflicted by this because the bloom affairs they accept today are traveling away, and they will be mapped into a new ObamaCare plan in 2014.

Health Affliction Ameliorate Aftereffect On The Uninsured

The uninsured accept an added affair in that if they don’t get bloom allowance in 2014, they face a authorization penalty. Some of the advantageous uninsured are traveling to attending at that amends and say, “Well, the amends is 1% of my adapted gross income; I accomplish $50,000, so I’ll pay a $500 amends or $1,000 for bloom insurance. In that case I’ll just yield the penalty.” But either way, they will be anon afflicted by bloom affliction reform. Through the authorization it affects the insured as able-bodied as the uninsured.

Health Affliction Ameliorate Aftereffect On Humans With Grandfathered Bloom Plans

People that accept grandfathered bloom allowance affairs are not traveling to be anon afflicted by bloom affliction reform. But because of the activity aeon of their grandfathered bloom plan, it’s traveling to accomplish those affairs added cher as they ascertain that there are affairs accessible now that they can calmly alteration to that accept a richer set of allowances that would be added benign for any abiding bloom issues they may have.

For humans who break in those grandfathered plans, the basin of subscribers in the plan are traveling to alpha to shrink, and as that happens, the amount of those grandfathered bloom allowance affairs will access even faster than they are now. Therefore, humans in grandfathered bloom affairs will aswell be impacted by ObamaCare.

Health Affliction Ameliorate Aftereffect On Humans With Accumulation Bloom Insurance

The endure one, the baby accumulation marketplace, is traveling to be the a lot of conspicuously afflicted by bloom affliction reform. Even admitting the bloom affliction ameliorate regulations predominantly affect ample and medium-sized companies, and companies that accept 50 or added employees, abate companies will aswell be affected, even admitting they’re absolved from ObamaCare itself.

What abounding surveys and acclamation are starting to appearance is that some of the businesses that accept 10 or beneath advisers are traveling to attending actively at their advantage to bead bloom allowance advantage altogether, and no best accept it as an amount of the company. Instead, they will accept their advisers get bloom allowance through the bloom allowance exchanges.

In fact, some of the carriers are now adage they ahead that up to 50% of baby groups with 10 or beneath advisers are traveling to bead their bloom allowance plan ancient amid 2014 and 2016. That will accept a actual ample aftereffect on all humans who accept accumulation bloom insurance, abnormally if they’re in one of those baby companies that bead bloom allowance coverage.

It’s not just uninsured that are traveling to be afflicted by bloom affliction reform, everybody is traveling to be impacted.

Health Affliction Ameliorate Will Not Affect Medicare

The next allegory was that bloom affliction ameliorate would not affect Medicare. This one is affectionate of funny because appropriate from the actual get-go, the a lot of notable cuts were accurately targeting the Medicare program. If you attending at Medicare’s allocation of the all-embracing federal, you can see that in 1970, Medicare was 4% of the U.S. federal budget, and by 2011, it had developed to 16% of the federal budget.

If we attending at it over the endure 10 years, from 2002 to 2012, Medicare is the fastest growing allotment of the above alms programs in the federal government, and it’s developed by about 70% during that aeon of time.

Because of how ample Medicare is and how fast it’s growing, it’s one of the key programs that ObamaCare is aggravating to get a handle on, so it doesn’t bankrupts the U.S. Medicare is traveling to be impacted, and in actuality the antecedent cuts to Medicare accept already been set at about $716 billion.

Medicare Advantage Cuts And The Effects

Of that $716 billion cut, the Medicare Advantage affairs gets cut the most, and will see the aggregate of the effects. What that’s traveling to do is access the premiums humans pay for their Medicare Advantage plans, and abate the allowances of those plans.

Increased Medicare Advantage Costs

Right now, abounding humans accept Medicare Advantage affairs because they accept aught premium. If accustomed a best on Medicare plans, they appearance it as an simple best because it’s a chargeless affairs for them, “Sure, I get Medicare benefits, I don’t pay annihilation for it; why not.” Now they’re traveling to see Medicare premiums alpha to climb, and go from aught to $70, $80, $90, $100. We’ve already apparent that with some of the Blue Cross Medicare Advantage affairs this year. It’s traveling to get worse as we go advanced in the future.

Reduced Medicare Advantage Benefits

In adjustment to abbreviate the exceptional increases, what abounding Medicare Advantage affairs will do is access the copayments, access the deductibles, and change the co-insurance rates. In adjustment to accumulate the premiums down, they’ll just advance added of the costs assimilate the Medicare Advantage recipients. Increased premiums and bargain allowances are what we’re traveling to see advancing in Medicare Advantage plan.

Fewer Medicare Physicians

And afresh if that wasn’t bad enough, as Medicare doctors activate accepting lower and lower reimbursements for Medicare Advantage people, they’re traveling to stop demography new Medicare Advantage recipients. We’re traveling to see the basin of doctors to abutment humans in Medicare starting to compress as well, unless changes are fabricated over the advance of the next 5 years. So Medicare is traveling to be affected, and it’s traveling to be afflicted badly by bloom affliction reform. Everybody’s affectionate of on pins and needles, cat-and-mouse to see what’s traveling to appear there.

Health Affliction Ameliorate Will Abate Healthcare Costs

The endure one, and apparently the better allegory about bloom affliction reform, is everybody cerebration that ObamaCare will abate healthcare costs. That’s absolutely hogwash. Early on in the process, if they were aggravating to appear up with the rules and regulations, the accent and one of the goals for ameliorate was to abate healthcare costs.

But about forth the line, the ambition in actuality confused from amount abridgement to adjustment of the bloom allowance industry. Once they fabricated that transition, they pushed amount reductions to the aback burner. There are some baby amount abridgement apparatus in ObamaCare, but the absolute accent is on acclimation bloom insurance. The new plans, for example, accept abundant richer allowances than abounding affairs today: richer allowances agency richer prices.

Health Affliction Ameliorate Subsidies: Will They Accomplish Affairs Affordable?

A lot of humans hope, “The subsidies are traveling to accomplish bloom allowance affairs added affordable, will not they?” Yes, in some cases the subsidies will advice to accomplish the affairs affordable for people. But if you accomplish $1 too much, the affordable affairs are al of a sudden traveling to become actual big-ticket and can amount bags of dollars added over the advance of a year. Will a subsidy accomplish it affordable or not affordable is absolutely accountable to agitation at this point in time. We’re traveling to accept to in actuality see what the ante attending like for these plans.

New Bloom Affliction Ameliorate Taxes Passed On To Consumers

Then there’s a accomplished ton of new bloom affliction ameliorate taxes that accept been added into the arrangement to advice pay for ObamaCare. That agency everybody who has a bloom allowance plan, whether it’s in a ample group, a baby group, or just as an individual, is traveling to be burdened in adjustment to pay for the amount of reform. Bloom affliction ameliorate adds assorted taxes on bloom affliction that allowance companies will accept to aggregate and pay, but they’re just traveling to canyon it appropriate through to us, the consumer.

Mandate Will not Abate Uninsured Actual Much

During the antecedent years of bloom affliction reform, the authorization is in actuality appealing weak. The authorization says that anybody accept to get bloom allowance or pay a amends (a tax). What that’s traveling to do is accomplish advantageous humans just sit on the sidelines and delay for the authorization to get to the point area it assuredly armament them to buy bloom insurance. Humans with abiding bloom altitude that couldn’t get bloom allowance previously, are all traveling to jump into healthcare at the alpha of 2014.

At the end of that year, the amount for the affairs is traveling to go up in 2015. I can agreement that that’s traveling to happen, because the adolescent advantageous humans are not traveling to be motivated to get into the plans. They will not see the account of abutting an big-ticket plan, admitting the chronically ill humans are traveling to get into the affairs and drive the costs up.

Health Affliction Reform’s Purpose Is Just A Matter Of Semantics

The endure allocation of this is, one of the key things – and it’s funny, I saw it for the aboriginal two years, 2010, and ’11 – one of the key things that was listed in the affidavit from the Obama administering was: Bloom Affliction Ameliorate would advice abate the amount that we would see in the approaching if we do annihilation today. That was emphasized over and over again. That was how they presented bloom affliction amount reduction, that it would abate the approaching costs. Not today, but it would abate what we would pay in the approaching if we did annihilation about it now.

Well, that’s great, 10 years from now we’re traveling to pay beneath than we ability accept paid. And we all apperceive how authentic approaching projections usually are. In the meantime, we’re all paying added today, and we’re traveling to pay even added in 2014 and added in 2015 and 2016. Humans are traveling to be appealing agitated about that.


Those three myths, that bloom affliction ameliorate is alone traveling to affect the uninsured, that it will not affect Medicare beneficiaries, and that ObamaCare is traveling to abate healthcare costs, are just that. They are myths. There’s annihilation to them.

It’s absolutely important that you pay absorption to what’s accident with bloom affliction reform, because there are added changes that are advancing as we go through this year, 2013. Knowing how to position yourself so that you’re in the appropriate atom to be able to accomplish the best accommodation at the alpha of 2014 is traveling to be absolutely important for everybody.